Tags: human necessities, sexual needs, strong motivation, satisfaction, exceed human capabilities, perception may change, sex with anthropomorphic machine, those who want and can, robot can do it at any moment and never gets tired, empathy of artificial intelligence will be improving rapidly, recognize human behavioral patterns, learn and become perfect lovers, robot can flirt, seduce, dance, listen to commands and imitate the movements of porn actors, futuristic body, robot reacts to external impacts, is as flexible as a living creature, user may forget that the partner is artificial, stereoscopic vision for orientation and aiming, hide inside suitcase, dancing horny robot in a sex shop, catch the eye of its visitors, robot in a brothel, make it to the press, viral spread of funny information, commercial success, attract the attention of investors and start-ups, market niche with an immense potential, servo motors F-Servo, allows the robot to be a gentle man.

Associated projects:

Force Servo

Soft Form
Gentle Dynamics 2017